Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein has confirmed that the Iraqi government’s commitment to the security agreement concluded with Iran.

Hussein made the remarks during a meeting with Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi on Thursday where they discussed ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two neighboring countries, according to a statement issued by the Iraqi foreign ministry.

Both sides discussed the implementation of the security agreement and the disarmament of armed groups on the Iraqi-Iranian border in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Hussein and President Raeisi also discussed the political and security situations in the region and the role of countries in the region in resolving crises and confronting challenges.

During a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart on Wednesday, Hussein announced the disarmament of the groups located on the Iraqi-Iranian border.

“We are reaching the final goal of the plan agreed upon by the two countries. The groups on the Iraqi-Iranian border have been disarmed, and refugee camps, supervised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), have been set up,” the Iraqi Foreign Minister said.

According to IRNA, President Raeisi has told the Iraqi foreign minister that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not tolerate the presence of terrorist groups at its joint border with the Arab country or on Iraqi soil.

The Iranian president said that the presence of terrorist groups at the Iran-Iraq border or on Iraqi soil is not tolerable for Tehran at all, stressing the need for fully implementing a security pact between the two countries.

Accordingly, Raeisi and Fuad Hussein held talks in Tehran on Wednesday afternoon hours after the top Iraqi diplomat began his visit to Iran.

Raeisi also said that Iran has already proved that it stands by Iraq at difficult times when parts of the Arab country had been seized by the Daesh terror group.


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