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Turkish aviation giant

Turkish aviation giant delivers new batch of combat drones to Poland

24 drones are delivered within the scope of a contract signed between Turkish drone producer Baykar and the Polish Defence Ministry in 2021.
'war of attrition' with Israel

Live blog: Hamas’ armed wing ready for long ‘war of attrition’ with Israel

Israel has killed at least 35,303 people — majority of them babies, children and women — and wounded over 79,261 in its 224-day war on Gaza, Palestinian officials say.
PGA Championship arrest

Scottie Scheffler, from the course to jail and back: What to know about his...

Two-time Masters champion Scottie Scheffler was arrested after police say he dragged an officer while trying to get around the scene of a fatal accident Friday ahead of the second round of the PGA Championship.
chemical plants

Living and dying in the shadow of chemical plants

There are now 26 chemical plants located along the 69km (43-mile) stretch of Highway 43 from McIntosh to the port city of Mobile. Eight of the plants are within 3.2km (2 miles) of McIntosh.
‘Hell on Earth’

‘Hell on Earth’ as violence escalates in Sudan’s el-Fasher

The United Nations human rights chief has expressed horror over the escalating violence in Sudan’s North Darfur region as a top humanitarian official described the worsening situation on the ground as “hell of Earth”.
political conflict

Scenes From a Global Struggle

A fierce political conflict is raging over much of the democratic world. On one side we find the normies: ordinary people who defend, naively, the historic principles of democracy such as freedom of speech and assembly, the separation of powers, etc. On the other side stand the elites, masters of the great institutions of wealth, knowledge and power, who insist that extraordinary measures must be taken to save a depraved and self-destructive society from its own history and its own people—that is to say, from the normies.
Imran Khan’s bail

IHC approves Imran Khan’s bail in £190m corruption case

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday approved PTI founder Imran Khan’s bail application in the 190 million pound corruption case.
Dubai leaks

Ex-military men in Dubai leaks

RETIRED military officials, some of whom have passed away, also appear as listed owners till the spring of 2022 in the Dubai property leaks. Many were visible in the data as their ownership documents included their rank.
Afghanistan’s progress

Japanese Ambassador Expresses Support for Positive Developments in Afghanistan, Emphasizes Collaboration

In a recent meeting between Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political affairs and Mr. Takashi Okada, the Japanese Ambassador in Kabul, discussions centered around the strengthening of positive relations between the two countries and Japan’s commitment to supporting Afghanistan’s progress.
nonpartisan commission’s debates

Biden challenges Trump to 2 debates but won’t participate in nonpartisan commission’s debates

President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he will not participate in fall presidential debates sponsored by the nonpartisan commission that has organized them for more than three decades and instead proposed two debates with former President Donald Trump to be held earlier in the year.

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