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Chaos at Germany's largest airport

Chaos at Germany’s largest airport as storm causes floods, cancellations

Frankfurt Airport grapples with disruptions and water damage in the aftermath of a powerful storm, resulting in flight cancellations and widespread flooding.
Russia-Ukraine war

Russia-Ukraine war updates: Ukraine fired rockets at Crimea bridge – Moscow

Russian officials claim that Ukraine unsuccessfully attempted to strike the Crimea bridge with rockets on two occasions. A Su-30 fighter jet crashed during a training flight in Russia’s Kaliningrad region, killing the two pilots on board.
Eiffel Tower

Bomb alert triggers evacuation at Eiffel Tower

A bomb alert triggered the evacuation of all three floors of the iconic Eiffel Tower Saturday, according to CNN affiliate France BFMTV.
Europe’s extreme summer

Torrential rain, flash floods and raging wildfires: Europe’s extreme summer

Torrential rain, flash floods and raging wildfires have devastated Europe this summer. Few European countries have escaped the extreme weather spreading throughout the continent. Wildfires have raged across much of Western Europe and the Mediterranean, while flooding and rainstorms have plagued central European countries including Croatia, Austria and the Czech Republic.
German police

Nazi symbols and child pornography found in German police chats

Another group within Germany's security structures has been found to be inclined toward Nazi imagery. Recklinghausen officials are concerned by this incident, the second in recent months.
drone raids

Ukraine keeps up Russia pressure as drone raids intensify psychological war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned this week that war is coming to Russia after kamikaze drone attacks targeted skyscrapers in Moscow’s financial district, as his country’s forces continued to score small-scale territorial successes against Russian troops in Ukraine’s east and south.
British Muslims

Bank account closures have affected British Muslims for decades, with little political reaction

The closure of Nigel Farage's bank account at Coutts, a prestigious private bank in London, sparked a political and media frenzy, exposing the glaring hypocrisy and double standards within the British Establishment. For decades, prominent UK charities, pro-Palestine civil society groups and respected British Muslims have faced the abrupt closure of their bank accounts without any explanation. Despite the devastating consequences for these groups and individuals, the same media and political classes which today decry Farage's situation largely turned a collective blind eye to their plight.

Nude Activists Create ‘Sea of Blood’ to Protest Pamplona’s Sadistic Bullfights

Ahead of the Running of the Bulls at the San Fermín festival, dozens of animal advocates from PETA and Spanish animal protection group AnimaNaturalis gathered in the heart of Pamplona, Spain. Adorned in little more than “horns” and red floor-length veils, protesters pushed for the city to end the gory bullfights.
fatal police shooting

French police arrest more than a dozen as protests subside

In total, more than 1,300 people have been arrested during nights of nationwide rioting over the death of Nahel Merzouk, a teenager of North African descent, by a police officer in the Paris suburb of Nanterre.
shooting of Nahel M.

‘How many Nahels didn’t get filmed?’: Voices from the banlieues

One week after the police killing of a 17-year-old in a Paris suburb, an incident that was filmed and went viral on social media, a sense of anger is still palpable.

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