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penguin breeding colonies

Emperor penguins abandon breeding grounds as ice melts around them

Emperor penguins need stable sea ice to reproduce and raise their chicks. But with the ocean waters warming around Antarctica, the ice is breaking up earlier and earlier in the season, causing widespread abandonment of penguin breeding colonies.
Extreme weather

Extreme weather brings winds, fierce rains to Saudi Arabia’s Mecca

Saudi Arabia’s Mecca, home to Islam’s holiest sites, has seen extreme storms and rain that affected pilgrims, shuttered schools and caused chaotic scenes.
Europe’s extreme summer

Torrential rain, flash floods and raging wildfires: Europe’s extreme summer

Torrential rain, flash floods and raging wildfires have devastated Europe this summer. Few European countries have escaped the extreme weather spreading throughout the continent. Wildfires have raged across much of Western Europe and the Mediterranean, while flooding and rainstorms have plagued central European countries including Croatia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Wildfires: Hundreds evacuated in Italy’s Sardinia as fires rage in Portugal and Cyprus

"The situation is truly dramatic," said one local official in Sardinia. "It's not a fair fight."More than 50 wildfires are tearing through the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, with strong winds fanning the flames and complicating efforts to keep the blaze under control - the same situation faced by Portugal last Saturday.
Warm Pacific Arctic

Whales Are Loving The Warm Pacific Arctic.

As the ice clears in the Pacific Arctic and sea ice becomes an endangered species itself, the warming process clears territory for the 5 species of baleen whale that occur there, in the Chukchi Sea. Humpback, fin and minke are recovering slowly from their awful demise during the 19th and 20th centuries and migrate there. The residents are the grey whale at times and the endemic bowhead, which seems to be doing very well thank you, as these whales look in particularly fine condition.
Heat Exposure Policies

Analyzing Occupational Heat Exposure Policies Across Europe

The intensifying heatwaves exacerbating worker safety risks necessitate examining regulatory frameworks. A review of five European nations' heat policies reveals variations yet shared shortcomings.
Extreme weather

Extreme weather grips the globe as heatwaves and wildfires rage

Temperatures have soared towards new highs across three continents as heatwaves and wildfires are scorching parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Health authorities have sounded alarms from North America to Europe and Asia, urging people to stay hydrated and shelter from the burning sun, in a stark reminder of the effects of global warming.
Akita Prefecture

Rain slams Japan’s northeast, 4 injured in Akita Prefecture

Heavy rain pounded Akita Prefecture in northeastern Japan on Saturday due to an active seasonal rain front, triggering river flooding and landslides that have left four injured.
Extreme heat

Extreme heat sweeps the world from Europe to the US and Japan

Record heat is forecast around the world from the United States, where tens of millions are battling dangerously high temperatures, to Europe and Japan, in the latest example of the rising threat from global warming.
unhealthy haze

‘I can taste the air’: Canadian wildfire smoke spreads hazardous haze at home and...

Smoke from Canadian wildfires poured into the U.S. East Coast and Midwest on Wednesday, covering the capitals of both nations in an unhealthy haze, holding up flights at major airports and prompting people to fish out pandemic-era face masks.

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