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Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap in Great Britain smallest since reporting first enforced

Women still being paid 91p for every £1 a man earns, analysis shows, with gap stubbornly high in public sector The gender pay gap has...
think about suicide

More women than men think about taking own lives: health ministry report

More women than men think about suicide and actually attempt to take their own lives due mainly to economic pressures and psychological problems, according to a report released by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Thursday.
female genital mutilation

Gambian women take a stand against attempts to repeal FGM ban

Gambian women are facing a pivotal moment in their fight against female genital mutilation as lawmakers debate repealing the practice's ban. Overturning the 2015 legislation would undo years of advocacy work by local activists and undermine international agreements Gambia has signed protecting women's rights.
girl footballers

Guns won’t stop goals from girl footballers in India’s violence-hit Manipur

Smart in her neon blue jacket and bright red sneakers, Hemarani slips out of the large thatched-roof mud hut and stands squinting up at the rising sun. The sky is streaked pink over the Nongmaiching Ching hills, and the wide open field before her is still swimming in fog. Cows are grazing in the green pastures, and alongside, a group of girls in their football kit is warming up.
starting a business

Black, Hispanic Women Have Entrepreneurial Goals, Not Resources

The latest Gallup Center on Black Voices survey finds entrepreneurial ambitions are relatively high among Black and Hispanic women younger than 60. Majorities of Black and Hispanic women in this age group say they would be interested in starting a business if they had the resources to do so.
fight for rights

‘We are tired, angry and mad’: 180,000 women march in Mexico City

By midday on March 8, 2024, small groups of women dressed in lilac, wearing purple bandanas tied around their wrists, hair and necks, started to congregate in Mexico City. Soon they comprised an 180,000-strong crowd, marching and chanting together on International Women’s Day.
Korea's gender wage gap

Korea’s gender wage gap worst among 33 OECD countries: report

Korea had the biggest gender wage gap among 33 OECD countries, highlighting the skewed working conditions experienced by female employees in the country.
malnourished women and children

WFP announces aid for 6 million malnourished women and children in Afghanistan

The World Food Programme has announced that to reduce malnutrition in Afghanistan, they have distributed food to approximately 6 million women and children suffering from malnutrition.
for dress code violations

UN ‘concerned’ Taliban detaining Afghan women for dress code violations

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan is “deeply concerned” about Taliban authorities arbitrarily arresting and detaining women and girls it accuses of violating dress codes regarding the Islamic headscarf, or hijab.
Bajrang Punia

Top India wrestler to return honour in protest against sport body’s new chief

A top Indian male wrestler says he is returning one of the country’s highest civilian awards in protest against the election of a president to the sport’s ruling body backed by his predecessor, who is accused of sexually harassing female wrestlers.

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