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Live blog: Hamas’ armed wing ready for long ‘war of attrition’...

Israel has killed at least 35,303 people — majority of them babies, children and women — and wounded over 79,261 in its 224-day war on Gaza, Palestinian officials say.



Alcohol abuse costing £27bn a year in England

The cost of alcohol abuse is laid bare in a new study that shows £27bn a year being spent in England on the health and social harms of drinking.


Scottie Scheffler, from the course to jail and back: What to...

Two-time Masters champion Scottie Scheffler was arrested after police say he dragged an officer while trying to get around the scene of a fatal accident Friday ahead of the second round of the PGA Championship.


Ex-military men in Dubai leaks

RETIRED military officials, some of whom have passed away, also appear as listed owners till the spring of 2022 in the Dubai property leaks. Many were visible in the data as their ownership documents included their rank.

India’s silent youth crisis: College-educated but poorer than a farm hand

Two-thirds of India’s unemployed youth are educated — a fraction which has doubled since 2000. As India votes, a question gnaws at its future: If education can’t get you a job, is it even worth it?
Shehbaz Sharif administration

Taxing pensions

market prices

Prices Are Not the Problem


Turkish aviation giant delivers new batch of combat drones to Poland

24 drones are delivered within the scope of a contract signed between Turkish drone producer Baykar and the Polish Defence Ministry in 2021.

Japan, Germany may hold 1st joint land force exercise next year

The German Army is expected to join an exercise with Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force as early as next year, according to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, against a backdrop of China's military buildup in the Indo-Pacific region and territorial claims in the South China Sea.


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