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first black leader of a European country

Vaughan Gething to become Welsh first minister after Labour leadership win

Vaughan Gething has been elected the head of Welsh Labour and will become the first black leader of a European country when he is confirmed as first minister next week. Gething, who has worked as the health and the economy minister in the Labour-led government, succeeds Mark Drakeford after beating the education minister, Jeremy Miles.
Ramadan in Iran

Holy month of Ramadan in Iran

Muslims in Iran are to be united in a ritual of daily fasting from dawn to sunset as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan kicks off. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar; the month cycles through the seasons.

We Are Too Good for DEI

My impetus for dedicating the bulk of my career to combatting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives began on a listserv for Rhetoric and Composition, the field in which I teach as a professor. Upon hearing a well-received speech claiming that the teaching of Standard English to Black students was a form of racism, I wrote an email questioning the efficacy of that argument. My inquiry induced a level of opprobrium I did not expect. I was called a white supremacist, and blatant lies were spread about me on social media.
Mr. President

Turning Mr. Right Into Mr. President

As we do every four years, Americans are looking again for the best man to lead the nation. Well, not quite. One of the biggest changes in what Americans want in a candidate comes from the headline above: We are no longer looking for Mr. Right, but the best man or woman for the job. In 1937, when Gallup first asked about supporting a woman for president, only a third of adults said they would vote for her. That response is virtually unanimous now. What else do surveys tell us about what Americans want in their presidential candidates?  
tourist attractions

Raeisi calls on UNWTO to introduce Iran tourist attractions

The Iranian president stressed the need to learn about and introduce Iranian tourist attractions by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
UK football

UK football is hit by racism against Birmingham’s Juninho Bacuna

Birmingham manager Tony Mowbray called for stronger punishments for fans who racially abuse players after midfielder Juninho Bacuna said he was targeted by West Bromwich Albion supporters during the Midlands derby in the second-tier Championship.
750-acre theme park

Universal reveals designs for its new ‘Mario,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ and ‘How to Train Your...

Universal Orlando Resort has pulled back the curtain on its upcoming expansion—and the battle for tourists in central Florida is likely to become a lot more fierce in the coming years.
Fashion's Dark Side

Fashion’s Dark Side: Exposing the Hidden Costs of Clothing on Nature

Behind the glamour and allure of the fashion industry lies a sobering reality – its devastating impact on the environment and the countless species that call our planet home. From the overgrazing of the Mongolian steppes to the contamination of our oceans, the production of many common clothing materials is exacting a heavy toll on wildlife and ecosystems across the globe.
Coming AI Hellscape

If Anyone Can Stop the Coming AI Hellscape, It’s Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has proven herself capable of many things, including toppling monopolies and making mass transit cool again, but her latest endeavor—taking on artificial intelligence—is perhaps her most ambitious yet. 
Bollywood's depictions of Muslims

Bollywood’s depictions of Muslims over time have gone from good to ugly

After partition, Indian film often portrayed Muslims as loyal and good, but the rise of Hindu nationalism has helped normalise far less friendly tropes, explains one culture expert.

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