Thursday, May 19, 2022
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supermassive black hole

Black hole scientists to announce Milky Way galaxy discovery

Scientists are set to announce on Thursday what they call a "groundbreaking" Milky Way discovery in what could be the release of an image of the supermassive black hole lurking at our galaxy's center and devouring any matter wandering within its gargantuan gravitational pull.
battery cell makers

LG, Samsung, SK battery CEOs seek more business opportunities in US

LG Energy Solution, SK On and Samsung SDI are busy looking for further inroads into the rapidly-growing electric vehicle (EV) battery market in the United States. The heads of the Korean battery cell makers have traveled there on business or are planning to do so in order to seek more opportunities, industry sources said Sunday.
Solar Energy

EU Countries Call for 1,000 Gigawatts of Solar Energy by 2030

The European Union should set an ambitious goal for boosting solar energy capacity across the region as it seeks to free itself from a dependency on Russian gas, according to five member states.

Honeybees join humans as the only known animals that can tell the difference between...

Until now odd and even categorization, also called parity classification, had never been shown in non-human animals. In a new study, published today in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, we show honeybees can learn to do this.

Iran among top 5 countries in nanotechnology

Iran is among the 5 leading Countries in Nanotechnology, according to the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology said in a statement on Sunday.
Girls’ performance in maths

Girls’ performance in maths ‘starting to add up to boys’, says UNESCO

The UN published promising news in the global fight for gender equality and opportunity on Wednesday, showing that when it comes to mathematics, girls are now performing as strongly as boys in the classroom – although there are plenty of barriers holding them back.
spacecraft Crew Dragon

Crew Dragon with four astronauts on board leaves for ISS — NASA

The US company SpaceX on Wednesday launched a carrier rocket with the spacecraft Crew Dragon, which will deliver a crew of four astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). The event’s video is streamed on the website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
Musk's $44 bln Twitter buyout

Funding obscured: The family office behind Musk’s $44 bln Twitter buyout

The small family office that is managing the wealth of the world's richest person and is helping put together the largest-ever acquisition to be carried out by one person is shrouded in secrecy.
fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions

Breakthrough in estimating fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions

A team of scientists led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) has made a major breakthrough in detecting changes in fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions more quickly and frequently.
China's longest crewed mission

Three Chinese astronauts return to Earth after six months in space

Three Chinese astronauts returned to Earth on Saturday after 183 days in space, ending China's longest crewed mission as it continues its quest to become a major space power.

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