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Dubai leaks

Ex-military men in Dubai leaks

RETIRED military officials, some of whom have passed away, also appear as listed owners till the spring of 2022 in the Dubai property leaks. Many were visible in the data as their ownership documents included their rank.
Gaza’s mass graves

Gaza’s mass graves: Is the truth being uncovered?

Palestinian emergency workers continue to uncover mass graves in and around three hospitals in the Gaza Strip, months after Israeli forces laid siege to them, claiming they were being used as Hamas command centres.
genocidal methods

Live blog: Netanyahu makes Hitler envious with ‘genocidal methods’— Erdogan

Israel's war on besieged Gaza, now in its 219th day, has killed at least 34,971 people — 70 percent of them babies, children and women — and wounded over 78,641.
vilification and kidnapping

Tunis police raid sees refugees abandoned near the border with Algeria

Tunisia’s sub-Saharan African refugees and migrants describe being victims of vilification and kidnapping nationwide.
Haitian NGO worker

‘Moral obligation’ of Haitian NGO worker to carry on despite kidnapping of two children

A woman whose two children were kidnapped on the way to school in Haiti has said she feels a moral obligation to continue her work supporting displaced people despite the trauma the family has experienced
hidden trade of tigers

Investigation into the hidden trade of tigers in Italy

A new investigation from LAV has revealed that Italy is a leader in Europe in the trade and breeding of tigers, with an estimate of 85% of the existing big cats on the continent.
stench of death

‘We didn’t expect to find bones’

The stench of death filled the halls of Gaza City’s Ahli Arab Hospital. Bodies – many already decomposing – lay in heaps on the floor, next to injured patients writhing in pain.
plans for Rafah ground attack

Live blog: Israeli army chief approves plans for Rafah ground attack

Israel's war on besieged Gaza, now in its 205th day, has killed at least 34,454 Palestinians — 70 percent of them babies, children and women — and wounded over 77,575 while some 8,400 people are feared buried under the rubble of bombed buildings.
seizure and rescue of animals

The biggest seizure and rescue of animals from a laboratory in Italy’s history

25 animals, including dogs and primates, were rescued from a research facility in Verona where serious mistreatment of animals was discovered. The facility, which carries out animal testing on behalf of international pharmaceutical companies, is being charged with the neglect and unlawful killing of animals including beagles, marmosets and macaques.
child sexual abuse

No country for children: The not-so-hidden horrors of child sexual abuse in Pakistan

Recent reports of sexual molestation of children by clerics and incriminating videos of corporal punishment of madrassa students are neither new discoveries, nor particular to Pakistan.

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