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crushing defeat for PPP

DPK wins resounding majority in crushing defeat for PPP

The main opposition Democratic Party (DPK) retained a majority in the National Assembly in Wednesday's general elections in another major setback for the ruling People Power Party (PPP) and President Yoon Suk Yeol.
Cherry blossom season

Cherry blossom season arrives across Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto

Cherry blossoms bloomed Friday across Japan including Tokyo and Kyoto, coming slightly later than usual following relatively low temperatures seen in many areas through March, the weather agency said.
Cheap Chinese goods

Cheap Chinese goods seen as double-edged sword for Korean economy

Cheap Chinese goods are flooding into Korea amid the growing presence of Chinese e-commerce platforms, creating both favorable and unfavorable circumstances for the Korean economy as it tries to lessen reliance on China, according to scholars and consumer groups, Friday.
Terror act on Chinese nationals

Terror act on Chinese nationals condemned

People from all walks of life in Pakistan have strongly condemned the terrorist attack that killed five Chinese nationals and one Pakistani, saying the country will take all necessary measures to hunt down the perpetrators of the heinous act.
National Assembly

PPP proposes relocating Nat’l Assembly hoping to boost waning support

The ruling People Power Party's (PPP) abrupt proposal to relocate the National Assembly from Seoul to the adminstrative town of Sejong has been met with skepticism by observers, who view it as a move to salvage the party's falling approval ratings with an attention-grabbing yet hardly-feasible agenda.
international financial institutions

Nation firm on closer ties with financial institutions

Beijing reaffirmed its commitment to forging closer partnerships with international financial institutions as leaders of the central government hosted top officials from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank on Monday.
emergency medical system

Collapse of emergency medical system looms large

Concerns over the collapse of the emergency medical system are intensifying as professors at medical schools nationwide have decided to submit their resignations from their respective universities after March 25.
Investment in Afghanistan

Turkish Firm, Holdenc Oil Diesel, Explores Investment in Afghanistan’s Lead and Gold Mines

Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar, the Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, held a meeting with Ali Wahid Atechi, a representative from Turkey’s Holdenc Oil Diesel Company. The company has shown interest in investing in Afghanistan’s mineral resources.
Killer Winter

In Mongolia, a Killer Winter Is Ravaging Herds and a Way of Life

Mongolia’s nomadic herders are facing a savage “dzud” winter, with more than 2 million livestock frozen to death so far. Scientists say this lethal phenomenon — extreme cold and heavy snow following summer drought — is occurring more frequently and is linked to climate change.
combined military exercise

NK may stage provocations during combined exercise, defense minister warns

North Korea might stage provocations during the annual Freedom Shield combined military exercise between South Korea and the United States, Seoul’s defense minister said, Monday.

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