Iran has discovered who manufactured one of the unmanned aerial vehicles used in an attack on a military complex in the country’s central city of Isfahan on January 28, the Nour News reported.

In an exclusive report on Tuesday, Nour News, affiliated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said the technical analysis of the remnants of one of the micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) shot down by the Iranian air defense units during an attack on a workshop belonging to the Defense Ministry in Isfahan late Saturday has given the security organizations “valuable information”.

The analysis of the components of the aerial vehicle’s fuselage, its engines, power supply, and navigation system and comparing them with the available models helped the experts to accurately identify its manufacturer and disclosed important clues, the report said.

It noted that the workshop complex had come under a similar attack by a number of MAVs three years ago, which had ended in failure like the most recent one.

In a statement after Saturday night’s drone attack, the Iranian Defense Ministry said the complex’s air defenses successfully repelled the attack.

The ministry underscored that the unsuccessful attack did not cause any loss of life and only led to minor damage to the roof of a workshop. The complex, it added, continues its ordinary operations following the attack.


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