We didn’t plan to assassinate Ashraf Ghani: Baradar

assassinate Ashraf Ghani

Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar said that they (Taliban affiliates) did not plan to assassinate former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani after they took over Kabul.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Afghanistan’s state-run TV (RTA) Baradar said that a number of former officials and politicians still live in Kabul peacefully and no harm has been done to them.

Baradar added that the supreme leader-Mullah Hebtullah Akhundzada- has announced a general amnesty and that is applicable to all including the former president.

Ashraf Ghani in a video clip after his escape from Kabul said, he left Afghanistan to prevent bloodshed, destruction of Kabul, and the assassination of yet another president of Afghanistan.

He meant former president Najibullah who was assassinated by the Taliban in the late 90s.

In the interview, Baradar accused the former officials of corruption, bribery, robbery, and looting and that they could not help doing misdemeanors.

“The international community must release Afghanistan’s funds and let Afghanistan strengthen trade and economic relations with other countries, the world must recognize the Taliban.” Said Baradar.


About the inclusivity of government, Mullah Baradar said that their government is interim and will appoint deputy prime ministers of authority in the future.

He denied the killing and torture of former security personnel and added that they are living peacefully under their announced general amnesty.


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