Friday, April 29, 2022
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encrypted communications

Australia’s early plans for ‘dangerous’ encryption law revealed

The Australian government began seeking controversial powers to crack encrypted communications almost two years before unveiling landmark anti-encryption legislation branded “dangerous” by tech industry leaders, newly obtained documents reveal.
dragging Russian tank

Viral cartoon shows Ukrainian tractor dragging Russian tank: What’s the story behind it?

A new viral clip showing a cartoon tractor dragging along a Russian tank has surfaced in Ukraine. The cartoon, posted first to TikTok by user @paolo_zandar has made waves across social media.
Ukraine War

Media Is Another Battleground in the Ukraine War

There hangs in the air of Tbilisi, Georgia, the city I have called home for 16 years, an uneasy awareness that Russian tanks can arrive here in three hours from “independent” South Ossetia. But there is one big advantage of being here right now, namely, the ability to watch numerous Ukrainian and Russian TV channels covering the war.
'Rossgram' photo-sharing app

Russians set to launch new ‘Rossgram’ photo-sharing app after Instagram blocked by the Kremlin

Russian tech entrepreneurs are set to launch a picture-sharing application on the domestic market to help fill the void left by Instagram, which the authorities blocked this week.
violent messages

Facebook owner defends exception of anti-Russia violent messages

Facebook owner Meta Platforms (FB.O) has defended its policy, allowing Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians as an exception in its hate speech policy.
Hacked US companies

Hacked US companies to face new reporting requirements

Companies critical to U.S. national interests will now have to report when they’re hacked or they pay ransomware, according to new rules approved by Congress.
RT and Sputnik

Ukraine war: Facebook and YouTube block Russia’s RT and Sputnik in Europe

Meta, Google and TikTok have blocked Russian state-owned media outlets RT and Sputnik in Europe, the companies said.
Ukraine war

Ukraine war: Meta takes down Russia-based disinformation network targeting Ukrainian social media

A network of social media groups and pages spreading disinformation in Ukraine has been taken down, Facebook owner Meta announced on Sunday.
Media Outlets

Russia Bans Media Outlets From Using Words ‘War,’ ‘Invasion’

Russia's communications regulator on Saturday ordered media to remove reports describing Moscow's attack on Ukraine as an "assault, invasion, or declaration of war" or face being blocked and fined.
penalties on Russian state media

Facebook places new penalties on Russian state media

Facebook announced on Friday that it would ban Russian state media outlets from advertising or monetizing their content on the social media network in response to the conflict in Ukraine.

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