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cultural cooperation

Iran, Poland sign document on cultural cooperation

Iran and Poland signed a document on cultural, sports, scientific, youth and media collaborations.
Afghan Music Educator

Juilliard School of Music and Dance Will Bestow an Honorary Doctorate to an Afghan...

Dr. Ahmad Naser Sarmast shifted the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) from Kabul to Lisbon, Portugal. The school currently has a flourishing music education program, which has recently been visited by the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Ma visited ANIM at its new location in Lisbon on March 29.
national Shiraz Day

Iran marks national Shiraz Day

The 15th day of Ordibehesht in the Iranian calendar which falls on May 5 has been designated as Shiraz Day due to its historical and cultural importance as well as its unique beauty.
Cinnamon summers

Cinnamon summers: On being Libyan, and British

Our childhood summers in my dad’s Benghazi still bring a twinge of nostalgia when I think of them, waves of warmth and fondness wash over me at unexpected times as a smell or a taste unlocks a buried memory. The smell of fresh mint, the warmth of the sun on a particularly sunny day, the sound of the sea rushing at the shore. Or the sight of my father tucking into a dish I recreated out of fond memories and longing, smiling as he regales us with stories of his own childhood.
Imam Omar Suleiman

How a Muslim imam responded after being targeted by pro-Israel politicians

Palestinian American scholar and activist became the target of Islamophobic smears after delivering a prayer in Congress focused on interfaith harmony last week.
compassion of Ramadan

Volunteers demonstrate compassion of Ramadan in Indonesia: A UN Resident Coordinator blog

Millions of volunteers in Indonesia have given their time and expertise to help build a fairer and more inclusive society according to Valerie Julliand, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in the country. 

Shiraz with odour of orange blossoms

Shiraz, the capital of Fars province, is perfumed with orange blossoms in spring, and while showing a special beauty to the environment, provides a pleasant place for tourists.

Kashan; historical city of carpets and pottery

Located on the edge of the central deserts of Iran in Isfahan province, Kashan is one of the main destinations for tourists.
Nowruz traditions

People of Kyrgyzstan cherish Nowruz traditions

Nowruz, which is celebrated on the spring equinox (usually March 21st), is one of the most important holidays in Kyrgyzstan.
Parvin Etesami

Parvin Etesami; Shining jewel in Persian literature’s history

Parvin Etesami was a prominent poet in Iranian literature and poetry who based on her adherence to traditional literature, composed poems with moral and educational themes and religious, political and social themes.

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